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Update on Kellie …. Thank you Everyone who has stood in prayer with my friend for his wife . Please continue to pray when ever she comes to your heart.

From Dave:
Good news overall, but good news / bad news.
They want to watch and wait because of the size of them, more imaging in six months. Chance of being cancerous or turning cancerous I should say, probably 5% or so.
The bad news is that because of how they are placed, neither doctor we saw today believes that there’s any correlation between the meningiomas and her pain and headaches.
So for now, she wants Kelli to switch up her regimen on how to do pain management. It doesn’t answer that question, but we may need to take another approach to figure that out. But the good news is, no surgery for now, and not recommending that unless they begin to grow aggressively. The imaging is a baseline, though.
So, good news overall.

* both doctors we saw today suggested that we keep the appointment tomorrow with the neurosurgeon just to give us a point of reference for how that would all go down if they start to grow and it becomes a surgery issue.
Although, no one is suggesting that at this point.

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