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Hi Folks,
Wanted to add my sister and her husband for prayer requests. First, my bro in law, John, had a series of strokes and now has contracted pneumonia. He is suffering from a severe stroke which has left him barely able to speak, and unable to walk at all. He understands all he is told, however he cannot ask for assistance which is very frustrating for my sister when she visits him daily and finds John had not been cared for properly. My sister is now recouping from bronchitis and stretched extremely thin working part time and spending every free moment at John's bedside. I visited and helped out in Sept for 5 weeks only to learn John had fallen and experienced 2 more strokes, then pneumonia. Just so frustrating, BUT the good news is, most of the staff are Christian folks and I am praying they will anticipate Johns needs and be able to assist in his victory over pneumonia and the strokes. My sister and John are in Missouri and I am here in Prescott, Az. Thanks so much!
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