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Dear AMEN prayer folks, I'm back again, and I thank so many of you for your prayers from my post on July 8. I shared previously that I will be a volunteer serving a Christian/Messianic ministry in southern Israel in the Fall. I will be in service from 29 September until 29 December and this is actually a trial position, that may lead me with an opportunity to serve for even a year starting some time in 2019. As I am writing this it is 4:50pm
and it is 2:50 am in Israel. Almost since dark, and all night up until now there have now been, not dozens but over 100 rockets and mortars fired in to southern Israel, and in the small town of Sderot, where I will be station 2 rockets hit targets and people were injured. Please, if the Holy Spirit lays prayers on your hearts for the people of the region, as well as me in the Fall, please let me know that you are praying. Shabbat (thank you/good bye)
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