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My 15 year-old son is in an incredibly defiant stage. He's in a place (for the last year) where he does not care about school, sports or his future. His friend choices have not been the best and when we try to discuss this with him, he becomes argumentative. Most recently, he and a friend skipped a day of school and when confronted about it- he showed almost no remorse. His home life is "okay" at best, but he has become entitled and does not want to contribute to anything other than selfishness.

He has had a very rough couple of years- lost his father and struggled with self esteem. He is a very smart young man, and has it in him to do AMAZING things with his life- but he will not do so with such an attitude.

Please pray that my son finds the courage to walk away from the negative influences & gains the strength and wisdom that he needs to follow his dreams and find his true self again. Please pray for him to find his connection back to Jesus and regain that relationship with him.
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