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Need prayer for husband. He is upset and depressed over his job/work situation. He is very skilled and has over 20 years experience in his profession. He works totally on commission. He has for years. He "we" understand that there will be times where he won't make his "normal" paycheck. However, that being said, he has had a terrible year income earning wise this year. It is killing us. We are behind on our house note and both our cars notes, and all of our other bills too. He doesn't want to change jobs, but is at the point to where he feels like something has to give. Either, he looks for another job, or finds a second job to supplement. He suffers from Rheumatoid arthritis and I am afraid that his body won't hold up to him working more hours at a second job. Please pray with us to see where God leads and for us to both have peace with the decision.
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