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I am in need of lots of prayers for myself and my family, got into church several years ago got really heavy into it and everything was great life was a whole lot better ... over the last few months things that church has not been the same, the services, the people, the atmosphere ,nothing is the same I feel like the enemy is attacking from all directions. Even my kids have noticed it in that really hit me hard.. I messed up most of my life and made a lot of wrong choices , finally had everything going good now I feel like I have slipped and failed my family. I just want things back like it was. Here recently I was kinda tricked into agreeing to go out of town and leave my family for a while when I didn't want to at all but I thought I didn't have any choice. I have not had to go yet in this is not a good time for me to be going and leaving them when I am worrying about things, I just need lots of prayers.. My nerves is a wreck I have lost weight, can eat, can't rest, can't function
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