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I am desperately seeking prayer for a miracle. Fighting for my life from a doctor prescribed medication for one bout of anxiety. This med should not have been rx'd over a week. Doctors rx this now for months and years which causes extensive CNS damage in some. Some people can stop them without trouble while others suffer debilitating symptoms that last for months and years. I have been off the med now for 9 months and am still bed ridden from the damage it did to my brain. I have never suffered so much in my life. I have electric feelings throughout my body, burning skin, crying spells, dark depression, high anxiety/panic, muscle spasms, fear, unreality, and a brain that just won't work as it did. This med took away my ability to function. The best I can do in a day is bathe and even that is painful. I'm praying to survive this as every day is a fight for my life. I need divine intervention as nothing can help this brain injured state but time. I'm a single mom in great need.
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