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I just wanted to take a minute to let you know how much your station(s) have helped me. My family has been going through some very hard times. For a while I went through the usual "why, why, why" and "how could this have happened" phases but I finally came to the conclusion that if I didn't try to find God through all this then I would end up in a mental hospital. I turned my radio on your stations and it has been on one or the other ever since. No matter what I'm feeling at the moment, either worship songs, family faith, or the infamous Joyce Myer helps get me through the moment. I didn't grow up in a faithful Christian home. I knew there was a God, because everyone said so; but I often wondered why God allowed so much ugliness in this world. So this journey has been one of complete transformation in more ways than one. Our Almighty God and your stations have literally saved me.

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