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Dear Beloved,

Please pray that all evil eye, bad luck, bad karma, misfortune, disadvantages, evil spells, curses, ancestral curses, black magic spells, black magic, witch craft, evil sorcerers, evil things, evil prayers, evil happenings, hexes, evil(powers, strengths, energies, spirits & sights), miss opportunities, disease, revenge, revenge spells, evil memories, evil influences, disturbances, hassles, obstacles, evil networks, evil groups, evil plans, evil plots, evil maps/routes, disgrace, defame, evil gossips, jealous, evil doers, enemies protection shields, evil (links & bondages), un authorizations, satan, evil (wishes, works & intentions, any thing), all negativities and enemies and their confidences and any evil things of them upon/against me, my mom, my bro, our blood line and our belongings to be broken, destroyed and erased immediately with out returning back again and make God to show great grace, protection & safeguard for us and our problems to be resolved permanently.
9 prayers

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