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I have been renting a room for over a week and it is month to month for six months. It may not be the ideal living arrangement but made a commitment and hope the owner; a woman and her children, do too, for at least the six months agreed. I have nothing and no where to go, so renting a room and working part time, and saving is all I can do. In the mean time Lord God help me in having a home where I will never have to worry about being homeless again. Only You know where that is. Send Arch angels to surround the home and my room, keep the peace and the communication open with them. There is a small negative vibe since last night there, so I don't know, I merely am quiet, clean and pay the rent, only sleep and shower there. Holy Spirit surround me along with angels hovering around me at Dublin Street in Calif, God's gps knows where that is. Unite prayer warriors for this imminent request. Also secure part time job and grow, or locate the permanent company where I can work to retire.
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