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Today I am just thankful I can post prayers or praise reports on my Facebook, talk about God at business meetings, go to any church here in the Bible belt! Let's thank God that we do NOT have to HIDE or risk being tortured! Let us not get spoiled or take for granted what we have here. With a church on every corner there are still so many we need to invite to come with us to church. We need to ask God to lead us to people who need His love! Let us not get so BUSY that we forget why we are here! Don't forget to be thankful that you are in America and can freely worship God! Hallelujah!! My hat goes off for those overseas who have to hide and are RISKING IT ALL for Christ. What are WE risking today?!!? What are WE stepping out in Faith about? Share YOUR Faith with someone TODAY !! Thank you all for praising God with me!

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