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Thank you to those who have been praying for my husband these past few months. He has been put on probation at work for messing up at work when things get very busy & he is under pressure. He has until March to drastically improve or he will be fired. Today he has to work the extremely busy day shift. His boss is supposed to do weekly training with him to help him improve, but has been so busy that she has only had two training sessions with him in four weeks. He is doing everything he can on his own to improve. Right now he is scared, and that causes him to make even more mistakes. His boss logs every mistake he makes, no matter how small, in her laptop. Please pray that he does improve and keep his job. I work for a small, struggling church with no benefits, and for several months, no pay. We need his salary and medical insurance to provide for our family and to cover treatment of some serious medical conditions I have. Thank you so much for your prayers.
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