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r my frends and family., All over The USA and all over the World. I lift up my three closest friends, I ask you pray for shelter or housing for him and her and for the other to manage the limited money he has and for me to trust GOd in future relationship[s and the ones that are present. I have a crush on a lady. I still don't know her degree of faith in YOu, but I know that she is way too young for me to relate. I am transparent to say this, because I know that it would be awkward if we were to get serious. She is nice and chipper and competitive and friendly. I like those traits ./ I long to marry some lady that God has for me and I cannot truly believe that she could be the one. THanks for reading this far. I long to lift up all those brothers in Jesus who are single and unattached. I pray that they reliy on I Corinthians 10 13 and JOhn 1010 and Philippians 4 8 and Colossians 3 2 and Romans 7 13-15 and Romans 8 28 and Romans 3 and 6 23. THat's all for now. THank Gain for listening!
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