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I'm asking for my Husband to be lifted up in prayer. Our marriage is crashing. I have hope can see it working out. He says he sees it 50/50. If he is going to end up a 50 year old man and not happy then he is ok with divorce. There are no biblical ground for divorce here. You don't know how you will feel 20 years from now. The enemy has such a strong hold over him. I pray God would loosen the grip of Satan, and vanquished. His eyes would be open to see clearly, and his heart softened. His ears would be open to hear God calling. The darkness he is in would be lifted. Whatever it is he is struggling with he would get the help he needs. His pride would be put aside. That he would remember the love we once had, and for God to bring him healing. That the marriage and love would be restored, but greater than it was before and that it would glorify/honor God. That God would continue to pursue him, and call for him. Prayers for protection of him and protection of whats left of the marriage.
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