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Thursday night, my husband made an important, large customer angry by asking for an equipment removal order when they didn't need one. This delayed the customer, and the customer is extremely angry. My husband's boss told my husband to send her an email detailing what happened. This means big trouble! He met with his boss and the regional manager about the incident and was told that he cannot continue to make mistakes if he is to keep his job. Today he has to work the extremely busy day shift for 12 straight hours. I had trouble with my heart last night, and we had to call 911, so he didn't get much sleep. Please pray that he doesn't get fired, that the customer calms down, and that my husband breaks this self-destructive pattern of messing up and getting in trouble. We need his salary to support our family and his benefits to pay for treatment of some serious medical conditions In have, including my heart. Thank you for your prayers.
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