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I am very in Bad situation and i am trying trusting in god. I am been praying for the Past couple weeks for Saling whole my Business no Hope Yet. My Electricity just cut and havent Sale any Services i Start New Part time Job now. I live in my Business at night. I havent Pay full rent for july and not for August and Sept. I Am Getting back in my Drinking and i feel so alone and getting depress. my Date broke up last Week in my Birthday i havent heard from him i feel so so hopless. I was there for him when he was depress but he doesnt care and not supporting me or asking me if i am ok? Do i need anything. Nobody undrstand i dont have anyone to help me. i just dont want to go to shelter if landloard get me out of here i used to help the shelter. I did pray god send me the man of my Life love me and i wont be alone any more i want to be love and have a husband Family but i am Not even Close. I want to die. I am feel i am been Curse since i came to Usa in everything in marriage, Financial,
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