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Me & my family need prayer for every area of our lives right now. I've lost my job, was informed today that I have a disability rating in the 80's & the PT job I took is only making it worse, I'm still experiencing anxiety & depression from a miscarriage 2 years ago during which I almost died. My common law husband is not saved. Our relationship is not the best & hasn't been for years now. His teenage son still has issues regarding his mom's death 6 yrs ago & has gotten very rebellious. School is hard for him too. Some of his friends are now into drugs. There's been cyber bullying that we had to call the police about. I'm having trouble finding work. I'm feeling isolated. I want to go home but even though my family says I need to leave this area none of them are willing to help me with the process. My little son is so strong tempered & is following the examples around him. I feel that I all I do is fight for what is right. I am so tired! I need God's wisdom & protection. Amen
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