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I’m a junior I’m High School. My name isn’t Jason Alberti and I attend High Point High School. For a long time I’ve been on a mission. Using sports as my ticket out of this place. But no matter how much I try and exert myself my parents won’t support me. Always telling me that nothing will come out of it. This whole week I’ve been practicing and I got moved up to varsity because coach saw how hard I was working. There’s a game on Saturday, but now my dad wants to tell me that I can’t play. First, I’m upset because why does he always wait until the last moment to say anything? It’s like he lives maki. Me suffer and having the last laugh. I’ve been thinking for a while about leaving this house. I have plans of what I would do but I just need God’s help. I can’t do anything anymore. Nothing matters to them. I not only focus on school and sports. I’m also a youth teacher arbor church, but apparently to them Im still not doing anything correct. God please help me find my way...
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