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I've been dating a man for almost 6 months, and though he seems to generally be a good person, some of his behavior is concerning. He comes from a troubled past (i.e. broken family, depression, etc.) but claims to be a Christian. Whenever he gets disappointed or things do not go his way, or in this case, if I do not agree with something, he becomes angry and berates me. Even though I show remorse, try to convey my feelings, and offer loving words, my efforts are responded to with contempt. This goes on for a while, until he calms down, feels sorry for what he said, then apologizes profusely. I end up feeling drained after these conflicts.

He otherwise has good qualities: he respects authority, goes to church weekly, plays on a sports league and is encouraging to his team mates, and does thoughtful little gestures here and there. I am torn -- should I stay or should I go? I pray for the courage to discern this and the courage to make the necessary decision.
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