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I needed that client/job/project. I needed it for my self-esteem, for my bills, for my daughter, for something to hold on to. Now it appears to have slipped away without even a “goodbye, nice knowing you”. Did I do something wrong? Did you just change your mind? I feel like I did something wrong and instead of telling me you just jumped ship mid-journey. My husband said it might not be what I thought. Don’t get upset prematurely. But no one answered my email or call. Will you throw away all of my work I was so proud of? And my mother is dying of cancer. And I only have one parent. And my husband still cannot find a job. This was a shining light of a really hard year where we almost lost our home. I though it was getting better. :( I feel hopeless and like I have been shoved right back into a pit of darkness I cannot escape.
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