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Blessed morning everyone,
I would like to extend the invitation to everyone to come to our church. We are all brothers and sister & that's why we want to bring God's loving children to experience testimonies, miracles, signs & wonders. Our pastor is a true prophet sent from God. Please take advantage that it is hard to find a true prophet like Elijah and we have one in our midst.
If you need a job, come. And you SHALL have a testimony to share.
If you are ill, come. And you SHALL be healed by the mercy and grace of God.
If you need answers, prosperity, help, anything to prosper and advance in life, this is the place to be.
Our pastor anoints our oil, blesses our water and personally hears God telling him what to teach us during service.
One lady was in a coma, and when someone showed our pastor a pic of her he placed an anointed mantle over the pic and she immediate woke up.
One member's mom was almost bleeding to death, we gave her anointing oil to drink & she was discharged.
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