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I would like to share testimonies that people experienced after coming to our church:
(For me) after praying and sealing our foreheads with the blood of Jesus, I left service and got into a car accident which I know the enemy was trying to harm me because I was trying to save someone to walk in God's path. Thank GOD he saved me and I was still alive, I did hurt my head and when I went back to church the knot on my head immediately went away.
A girl had a rock in her stomach and after drinking the anointed oil, it went away.
Another girl went to the hospital for a throbbing headache, she said meds didnt help. We gave her anointed oil from church the pain immediately left.
A man used to be addicted to drugs and lost his job,money, everything. In church someone he never met before said "Someone told me to give you this" and it was the exact money to pay off his debt.
Our pastor is a true prophet and he can prophesy what God has in store for you.
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