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I just want to share what goes on in this church:
Our pastor spiritually trains us. He teaches us why our prayers aren't working, he teaches us how to effectively pray. He anoints our feet the way the bible says "anoint your feet with iron and brass to crush the serpent & scorpion".
One day God told him to have everyone bring breakfast, for just how Elijah was given food from the Angel to eat & gain strength, God wanted to give us strength and blessing through our food after we prayed over it.
We brought water to turn into wine (the way Jesus says "you shall no longer drink water but wine" as the Holy Spirit, water, & Blood work together in the water) to experience a change in our lives.
He's so passionate for us to know all before Jesus comes back, he teaches us things no other pastor even TOUCHES on

There is no greater knowledge and wisdom that you can gain anywhere else. A true prophet in our midst, teaching how to perfect us saints. I promise you, your life changes after coming.
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