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One of my adult children was working for a new business that has their official grand opening on Friday but worked hundreds and hundreds of hours over the past few months and was told she would get paid after the 3rd week of being open. The owner was a family friend for almost 20 yrs and she never had any reason not to take him at his word. Her “salary” offer for required hours needed would be less than minimum wage. She declined the offer and resigned and is so hurt and upset because of the betrayal, false accusations, and now won’t get full compensation for her work. She’s going to be getting “a little something” since he now claims she wanted to work for free. Please pray that she is able to find a job ASAP and that her former boss actually pays her for all the work she did not only in her department but for the other departments as well. My son also needs a job ASAP because he didn’t want to be associated with a company that treated his sister and several employees the same way.
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