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We have recently had a reorganization & some people were laid off. I was not laid off & thought everything was great. Until my boss decided to come to me and tell me that I am horrible, that I do not appreciate the fact that I was saved and that I always make mistakes. I am human I make mistakes. Things have been taken away from me, I am now being told that I need to learn how to be a better Admin Assistant (even though I have been one for over 20+ years) and I was told I had 30 days to show improvement or I would have other action taken against me. Through all of this I lost my aunt due to a heart attack and that is when my boss started on me. My boss won't even look me in the eye and won't involve me in anything anymore. I really do not know why this is happening. My boss has only been my boss for 5 years and I have never had issues w/ any of my previous bosses. Those higher up know how she is but won't do anything. Gone to HR no support. Been looking for a new job. Need prayers
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