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I've submitted 5 prayer requests since the 1st of the month. I'm here to report that none were answered and as of yesterday, I found out that none will ever be answered. I am depressed, jobless, disabled, soon to be homeless and have no family, friends, support, or coping resources. My life has been a tragedy since the day I was born yet I continued to believe like a fool despite never receiving God's care. After being a Christian my entire life I am officially renouncing my faith. Enough is enough. There is no God. There is no hope. What kind of loving God would turn a blind eye while my family is slaughtered? What kind of loving God would then have me experience trauma after trauma in my life? What kind of loving God would leave me on my own with no other options but to turn to drugs until life stops? What kind of loving God allows the good to die young? I cannot even listen to the music anymore. I am done. I look forward to wiping away my last tears and taking my last breath.
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