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God of Love and Mercy, please I don't want to hurt anymore from being alone. I love W and I know that he can fill this empty hole that I have in my heart/soul. Please God, bring him into my life. I need him to love me and care for me; for him to be my rock, my strength just as I will be those things for him. I will do anything for him, I will love him with undying devotion, care for him. I know deep in his heart he loves me the same way that I love him, he is just afraid to admit that he loves. Turn his heart to loving me so that the two of us together can be an inspiration to others and we can achieve many great things together. St. Valentine and St. Raphael I ask for your intercession for love. I put my life in your hands God so that you will grant this prayer. I have been patience in wanting his love; please let us meet soon and for us to realize the deep connection that exists between the two us. I am willing to pay any price and make any sacrifice so that this prayer is granted.
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