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I been praying and fixing myself to God for the past 9 years and it has been hard to even keep believing at some point. I coparent with my ex and my son is now 10 and is godly boy. I decided to leave sin and be christian. His dad at the time didn't want to marry and I was not gonna live in sin so I decided to honor God. To present now. I asked God please give me some type of confirmation or sign that I should keep waiting on this man to turn to God and come back to his family. It get complicated, he has a partner and a baby of 2 years. I flat out asked him if he still loves me because for years he kept asking me more questions, trying to elongate the conversations when we would do transfers of the my son and looking at me with love eyes. I confronted him and he told me he didn't love me but his face showed he did. This week I confronted him again and he confessed he did still love me, but how would he face his family and most importantly come to God, what would his friends say etc. I was just ready to start dating some really nice men that do believe in God, but this threw me off. I really need to know what to do. I got a few confirmations from woman at church and by mistake they told me he was my husband so I took this as sign. My son wants to have siblings and my plan was to wait until I was old maybe then he might come to God and to me. I know it does sound delusional, but I knew he still loved me. He basically made me look bad in front of his family and others for him to not have the pride and say that is wasn't like that I know that is hard as well. Please pray for me because I want to move on, but how can I now that I know he does love me, but is so scared to face everyone. I did believe and still believe in miracles, but that is how it is sometimes no matter how much I pray and others and even God knocks on his door, he has to make that decision to let God in his life. So please pray for there to be peace and let this be only a thing God can do.
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