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Please pray for my sister Olivia to slow down in her relationship with her boyfriend Ethan. She is constantly obsessing about her future with her boyfriend and has talking about her future with him since the beginning of the relationship. They've been talking about marriage, having kids, where they'd live, their careers and engagement. Now my sister's liking at engagement rings which isn't her job to do that. She's only 19 years old and a sophomore in college. I don't think she's seeking God's will in this or praying about it. There's some unhealthy things about this relationship too. They're in different places in their faith, they seem like they're sweeping the red flags under the rug, there's too much kissing and inappropriate touching and seems like they're lacking Godliness . Please pray for my sister Olivia to slow down and trust God in this. For her to seek his will. Pray that if it's not God's will for her to be with Ethan for the rest of her life, that she'll accept that and let God lead her to the one that he has for her. Who will be God's best for her and better than she could have ever imagined. Pray that my parents, Aunt Debbie, and grandparents will stop obsessing about her and her boyfriend Ethan. Please pray that my parents and sister will stop making her bf more important than me. Please pray that my family and my sister's boyfriend's family will stop acting like it's one hundred percent guaranteed that they have a future together and that they will trust God in this and seek God's will for my sister Olivia and her boyfriend Ethans future. That they'll accept it if God's answer is no.
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