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My 22 yr son just lost a very close friend (same age) to cancer. I am close with his mother. This has been one of the worse things I have ever gone through. The death watch was horrible. He went from a big, vibrant Football player to a thin very sick young man in 8 months. I am so angry that he didn’t get a miracle that I know and believe God is capable of. The why is so hard. All four of my children are between 21 - 24 yr. I can’t image loosing one of them.
This sucks and I am so sad. So worried that my poor son experienced such a traumatic life event at such a young age. So sad for his friends parents and family. Yes I believe he is in Heaven, healthy and healed but HE SHOULD BE HERE! Preparing for his senior year of college. His parents should be making plans to attend all his senior year events NOT planning his funeral.
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