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Today as always I went out to sleep and came back from the hotel
I went out yesterday and today is Sunday
Today is Sunday my son comes home I pretend to be at home because he doesn't know I go to hotel with my boyfriend every weekend
I had to go to church with him
I ve been on this offense for over 3 years
Its something only I can do but I CAN NOT DO IT ALONE .
On Saturday I go to the hotel go out to sleep comeback go to church because its Sunday or if
I go out on Saturday and don't sleep
I take my son home after the service on Sunday
Go out sleep on Monday come home late Monday evening
Please pray for me help me not to go to a hotel
Every single weekend and BREAK UP with my boyfriend who wants to have. a relationship only at hotel on the weekend
Today as always I slept in the hotel yesterday
And came back because its Sunday
I worship sitting in the chapel
Please lord forgive me my sins and punish me
Please pray for me to repent of the sins
I have committed for 3 years as soon as possible
And to BREAK UP with my boyfriend

I pray Jesus Name
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