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Asking for prayers for my family. There is constant fighting between my mom & sisters as well as my stepdad. My Mom and Stepdads marriage has completely crumbled and my mom has turned away from him. My mom wants nothing to do with him nor cares what happens to him. The house is full of evil. Everyone has seemed to steer away from our Lord. My mom just recently said to me " I'm sorry, the God you claim that can help me can't." I'm asking for prayers to help guide her to our Lord and to believe that God can help her. Also to stop making horrible decisions for her life and towards others. This situation has affected my Memmy as well.. Tremendously. My stepdad just had a huge risky heart surgery on Tuesday 8/17/22 but thankfully by the grace of our lord is doing good and surgery went well. He had an Aortic Aneurysm that was at a 5.5 cc. Prayers for his healing and recovery, as well a Family Restoration. Thank you Everyone and God Bless!
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