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My daughter Lauren was diagnosed with Stage 0 cancer, even though it's a 0 she's going to have a double mastectomy, not sure when but we go to Penn to talk to her team on Monday. She's also seeing genetics because this is her second cancer in 10 years, when she was 18 she had leukemia and a stem cell transplant. This led to pulmonary hypertension but all has been good there. Genetics wants to test her for a cancer gene because now it's twice in 10 years. If she has it she'll have to go through yearly scans and testing for all other cancers. She isn't doing well at all mentally, to be honest 10 years ago we literally lived in hospitals for a year. We are both traumatized still from that. Please pray for her not to have this gene. Also due to her heart condition please pray for surgery to go well, she has to be closely monitored. Please pray for her healing, her faith and her mental state. Lastly please pray for me as I suffer from a few mental health issues and I need to be strong. Pray that we feel the Lord's presence with us always. I love your station, the right music at the right time isn't a catch phrase, it's God working through your beautiful souls. Much Love in Christ, Valerie.
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