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Please pray for this site. I have come here for years, as so many others have, sharing things that burden my heart and believing others would stand with me in prayer support. This year I've seen so little of that as many still come to ask for prayer but few seem to actually be praying, at least not clicking that they have so that we know there is support. That is very disheartening. It is such an honor to lift each other up, especially in things that are so personal we may not feel open to share with those who know us, and those who may not have a strong support system. Please make a note to pray for at least those on the same page before you that have come here to ask for help carrying their burden whenever you come to seek the same for yourself. Remember the old equation: Jesus + Others + You = Joy, and let's experience and grow in joy by practicing putting Jesus first and then others before self and give thanks we live in a nation that is still free enough to be able to do this openly. God bless each of us as we lift each other up in this way.
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